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Product Development

AMPCO specializes in custom tube and pipe bending.

Our engineering department can assist with R&D and prototyping. We make all of our products to our customers design specifications.

X, Y, Z coordinates are very helpful. The table shows the center line end and intersection points for the tube drawing to the right.

Bending Capacities

Our standard wall thickness is .065 (16 gauge). Special tooling is available upon request and can be completely customized to meet your requirements.

MS - Mild Steel, 1010/1008

AZ - Aluminized Mild Steel

AL - Aluminum, 6061/6063

SS - Stainless Steel, 304/316/321/

       409/409AZ SS/ 439

View bending capacities.

bending capacitry.PNG
Ancillary Operations

Our ancillary operations can be adjusted to meet the demands of your part.


Common operations include:

  • Beading

  • Pin stamp

  • Expand

  • Reduce

  • Drill

  • Form

  • Flaring

  • Cope

flange frenzy.jpg
Certified Welding


AMPCO provides certified welds.

Our weld capabilities include:

  • Mig/Tig

  • Brazings

  • Silver solder

  • Thin gauge welding

  • AWS D1.1


We offer a variety of finish options for your parts ranging from:

  • Sandblast

  • Plating

  • Powder coat

  • Finish Paint

  • Thermal blankets

  • Anodize

  • Chrome

  • Phosphate

  • Polish

electroless nickel plating.jpg
Quality Inspections

 Our quality inspections range from:

  • PPAP

  • CMM (Coordinate measuring machine)

  • Leak test

  • Dimensional Verification

  • FAI (First Article Inspection)

  • Certificate of Conformance

  • Material Certificates


EDI & Portal Capable

AMPCO offers full EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and we are able to accommodate customer hosted portals.

Whatever your requirements are we are willing to do whatever it takes to meet your needs.

Our office staff has over 50 years of experience.


We ship to your required specifications with your preferred logistics company nationally and internationally. We provide:

  • Custom packaging to protect your products

  • Labels

  • Drop ship options direct to your customer

  • Consolidated shipments to reduce shipping costs


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